Back Door to Genocide

Next Step #644: “In the Shadows” is arriving at a higher consciousness about responsibility in the face of evil. Overcoming the evil and with the The Blood of the Sacrament and the martyrs: A short meditation in front of the altar. Insult by Kurt Vonnegut: “They’re Turks” and seven-fold-turks. The road from light to darkness, the evil that takes place in the darkness and returning to the light: thoughts on how we got here and where we go. Identifying the point-of-no-return.
Raffi “One Light, One Sun”
Adana “Zartir Lao”
Ghazanchechots (Shushi) Church bombed
Ghazanchechots shelled
Harry Hagopian on Hagia Sophia
War in Artsakh Sermon by Fr. Vazken
101 Hollywood Freeway Protest
Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut
Deacon Hrayr at the Front Line in Artsakh
Blessed are you… are the light
WD168 for this week
Cover: Destruction at Ghazanchechots, 10/8/2020 newswire photo
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
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