Zero to power of 10

Next Step #643: War in Artsakh: News we hope would never happen but deep down knew it would. Azerbaijan: A case for systemic racism. Attack while the world is asleep: 1915 and today, taking advantage of the moment. What does it mean to have faith? To overcome evil with the good? The power of Miuron and the strength for the entire army. Questions for the Christian reconciling the peacemaker of the beatitudes. Juxtaposing the faith in Christ next to the reality of war. Identity and reconciliation: Double hypocrisy.
Cat Stevens Peace Train
All Armenia Fund – give safely and generously
The Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict explained
Artsakh conflict visually explained
Archbishop Barkev of Artsakh interviewed (Armenian)
WD168 this week
Prayer Service for the Army with Fr. Vazken’s Message
Jethro Tull: One White Duck/Zero to power of 10
John Lennon: Imagine 
Cover: Artsakh Cross; 2019 Susan Movsesian
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
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