The 100 Year Journey – IS NOW ONLINE –

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The 100 Year Journey


A commemorative art installation for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

Artworks by Gregory Beylerian & Produced by Father Vazken Movsesian



“The 100 Year Journey is not only an exploration and celebration of a peoples’ proud ancient and spiritual history, it is a dialogue of peace. I imagine that this is what my ancestors wanted most during their darkest hour. Therefore I think it is our responsibility today to honor the past by contributing to a peaceful tomorrow. If you are against genocide then you are for peace.” – Gregory Beylerian

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The 100 Year Journey is constructed from 50 photographs, 39 works on paper and 4 paintings by Gregory Beylerian and written texts by Father Vazken Movsesian . All of the artworks are available for purchase and 50% of the proceeds supports In His to continue their great work. Below are three works from the installation. the complete installation is viewable at:

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Spirit Guiding Flesh

13″ x 19″ – Photograph

“The turning point when we submit to the flow. Light, sound, feel and movement are all in sync.” Pictured at the Yerevan St. Sarkis Church”- Father Vazken Movsesian

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50% of proceeds support

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Model for Wool Cross

20″ x 30″ – Works on paper

Every journey begins with the first step. The artist, designed the pattern for the wool cross from his research of the most ancient icons of spirituality with the use of vibrant colors in a symbolic gesture of life, victory and vitality. – Father Vazken Movsesia

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50% of proceeds support

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Armenian Princess

24″ x 36″ – Painting

Princesses are adorned with jewels and decorations indicating their royal lineage. In this interpretation of the Armenian Princess, the artist decorates her with the jewels and decorations that are of the highest value to the Armenian people. She stands as a marking of beauty and excellence in thought, word and deed. – Fr. Vazken Movsesian

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50% of proceeds support


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