The Evolving Face

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #689: The evolving face of the Afghani girl from the 1985 National Geographic cover to the women clinging to the last vestiges of hope as Afghanistan turns to Taliban rule and braces for the changes ahead. From obedience to equal partnership: the evolving face of Armenian Church matrimony. Abandoning apologetics for a frank look, time differences and the handmaid’s warning.
The Afghan Girl (NG1985)
Jesus on the Tower of Soloam
Problem of Evil during Genocide by Fr. Vazken
Handmaid’s Tale
WD168 this week
Sarah Skinazi
Global Divas: Voices from Women of the World
Female politicians risking everything in Afghanistan
IRC Help Link
Cover credit: Afghan women fear ‘dark’ future, loss of rights as Taliban make gains – Lana Marketing
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