Next Step #673: Post Genocide-recognition- downshifting to use lower gears to go faster. Fr. Vazken talks about the importance of the genocide tag and some of the dangers of the designation. Comfort directed: Christian responsibility in the face of evil. Politics and the license to play with history. Philosophy, reason, God. First look at an old book: Tolstoy’s “My Religion”. Calculations for today: 4weekETB
In His Shoes Mission Statement 
Congressman Adam Schiff reads Pres. Biden’s Letter re: Genocide
Armenian Film Foundation
Survivors” by Don and Lorna Miller
Deitrich Bonhoeffer
Genocide Commemorative Concert
Leo Tolstoy, “My Religion”
We will not be erased
WD168 – this week: Post Genocide-Recognition
Ara Topouzian Stringed Tranquility
Cover photo: San Francisco Street downshifting
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