Fresh Air from Buenos Aires

Next Step #97 – April 15, 2010

From beautiful Argentina, the Next Step comes with some fresh air – dropping the In His Shoes seeds in a new generation. Taking responsibility for Genocide as children of Genocide, Fr. Vazken expounds on the philosophy of the Next Step. Here is a primer for our ministry laced with examples and stories from a short visit to the South American community in Buenos Aires.  Is there an “answer” to Genocide? And what is the “next step” – all in this remote podcast.
Music: “Amen Hayr Sourp” played by Gagik Gasparyan ( and Astor Piazzolla “Suite Troileana” as background;
Ani’s bubbles: “Simple Truths of Service”;
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for;
Episode Sponsored by Janet Kinosian;
Special thanks to Jorge Tossounian in Argentina.

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