No Death at This Funeral

Next Step #98 – April 22, 2010

“Let the Dead Bury the Dead” says Jesus to bring our focus back to the empty tomb. Find the power in the message of Christ as Armodoxy gives us a unique view of life with tragedy. Love conquers evil, light overcomes darkness and life transforms death. Insight on how Gomidas Vartabed sang during the Genocide? Walking In His Shoes gives us a chance to do the work of Christ, especially today, in a world overcome by disease, war and famine. In His Shoes Ministries is taking the past, making it relevant today and forging the future.
Music: “Khungi Dzar” sung by Victory Theresa Avedikian (Argentina), “Aerials (hidden track)” by SOAD
Ani’s Bubbles: “He Needed Me” –
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
Sponsored by Prof. Nicholas and Janine Economides

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