Three Funerals and an Identity

Next Step #315: From the Next Step archives, “Three Funerals and an Identity” (#48, originally broadcast on May 6, 2009). The collective and past moments in our individual lives has contributed towards our identity. Earlier this year, Fr. Vazken’s trip to Armenia initiated a discussion at Etchmiadzin, the Holy Mother See, about identity. And this week with the passing of three people, Ankine Mouradian, Jora Markarian and Rev. Fr. Vartan Dulgarian, the line is drawn between their lives and ours. Using the metaphor of the onion, we can imagine ourselves as being composed of layers, and each layer around us there for a reason, including the hurts and the pains we’ve lived through. These are the experiences that today give us the strength to reach out to someone else now experiencing the same. What about the purity of the message? Well, time to tune in and find out how to keep it pure.
Ani’s Spiritual Bubbles talks about priorities.
Global Perspective with Hratch Tchilingirian: World Press Freedom Day and the theme of media potential in fostering dialogue, mutual understanding, and reconciliation to focus on the moral responsibility of reporting the truth.
Musical selection is Melineh Kurdian singing “As Good as You” from her album, From Where You Are.
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