Child’s Hope (Yet)

Armodoxy for Today: Child’s Hope

I had an interesting conversation with a young girl the other day, about the number of fingers on certain drawings. This 10-year-old had come with her mother to volunteer for the food distribution at the shelter. She had brought with her some paints and brushes for the kids there and we began to discuss the intricacies of drawing the human hand. I noted that cartoon characters have four fingers, and she was quick to one better me, by telling me about a character who had three fingers on his hand.

I asked who was the character? She answered, “It’s science fiction. It’s not real, yet.”

Indeed, that “yet” implied hope and faith in the future.  That “yet” is what keeps people dreaming, believing, and creating.

We haven’t visited another planet yet. They haven’t discovered the cure, yet.

Our world hasn’t achieved peace, yet. Dream, believe and create. Today’s one-minute for standard time.

“Out of the mouth of babes hast thou ordained strength,” cites Jesus. (Matthew 21:16)

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