Darfur – demonstrations of solidarity needed NOW

(Sent 3/12/09 11:00PM)

Dear Friend,
I just received an emergency call from my friend Gabriel Stauring and I need to pass this information along to you immediately.

The situation in Darfur is beyond dire. Millions are in imminent danger of starvation and dying of lack of water. The days ahead are frightening. The pictures and stories coming out of Darfur are very similar -some exactly- to what the Armenians experienced in 1915. It’s GENOCIDE and most of the world is turning it head. (The New York Times/Kristof link below has more information and a great video.)

Beginning tonight (Thurs 3/12/09), we will be at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles. We’d like to stay there 24/7 to attract attention to the situation. We need people to sign up for the next several days.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area – please come down to the Fed Building. (Send me an email (father@inhisshoes.com) and let me know when you can make it, and I can give you some more details.)

If you’re not in LA, make some noise in your area. We have to get the world to pay attention. Please stay connected to our website (www.InHisShoes.org) for the latest information on what we’re doing. Also – please go to Gabriel’s site www.stopgenocidenow.org for the latest updates from Darfur and Twitter feeds about what’s going on.

This coming Sunday – we’re kicking off our 30 Hour Famine program for 2009. I hope you’ll join us at the meeting or will carry out the In His Shoes mission in your area. (Drop me a line and we might even be able to send a rep to help you get things moving in your area.) Above all, I hope you will join us with your prayers and support. This is a very difficult time for all of us, I know. But for the people in Darfur, it’s a horror story of Genocide, and it is not going away.

Remember – stop by our website – www.InHisShoes.org. There you will find information, ways to get involved and a convenient button to press and donate to the cause.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Fr. Vazken Movsesian

Read about some of the urgency as presented by Nicholas D. Kristof

Act NOW! Get the latest information on crimes committed in DARFUR from Amnesty International and Save Darfur


Please make a note in the online form that you’re donating towards ending Genocide in Darfur and we will ensure the funds are directed for this cause

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