Darfur Demo – Free Wi-Fi

We’re in front of the Federal Building right now. I couldn’t resist the temptation to connect. There’s like 100s of Wi-Fi connections that came up on my screen. Its connection city!

But … the grim reality keeps hitting us in the face. We’re holding up signs. Susan, Suzie and the sisters Tzoler and Sevana – they’re on the street, facing the cars, with signs that say “Honk for Darfur” “Act Now” “Stop Genocide” … the signs are like the Genocide – you only notice them if you look for them. Otherwise – like most people, you drive by the reality.

We’re at the corner of Wilshire & Veteran, so every minute or so, when the light turns red, a group of cars stop in front of this and the reaction of the people, runs the gamut. Some give thumbs-up accented with their horn honks. Others will be polite and smile. Most don’t have the time and others still have perfected the art of -don’t look/don’t get involved. Sevana went up to one of the cars with a flier – and they wouldn’t even look her way. I figured it out – its the ignorance-is-bliss tactic – you know, if you don’t know about it, then you aren’t responsible.

In the next few weeks millions of people will be exiled, slaughtered, butchered, uprooted, raped… how many different ways can we say it? will be victims of Genocide.

We’re on the sidewalk – asking for some attention. Asking that people wake up and help. I’m here for the same reasons I said before – I can’t forget what happened to the Armenians 100 years ago. I’m not going to participate in the same mistake and turn my head to this tragedy, now unfolding.

Thanks for the free wi-fi connection!

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