Darfur Genocide Escalates


Next Step #40 – March 18, 2009

As the Genocide escalates in Darfur, the In His Shoes mission turned its focus to more creative means of activism. This podcast is uniquely dedicated to the Darfur Genocide, but much more, it is about the faith and hope in the power of good. Here, Fr. Vazken guides the listener through an exercise in spiritual and moral warfare against evil. Complacency and indifference are constants that keep us from peace and harmony in our lives as well as on our planet. Martin King equates silence over crime with cooperation of evil, laying the groundwork for the moral-imperative Christians must find in life. This podcast will challenge the listener to move to action in various parts of his or her life. What does a mother pray as she watches her child raped or killed? The outrage over young girls being raped in Darfur, continues as an outrage against our own apathy. This is must listening for everyone who wants to “walk in the shoes of others.”

Global Perspective: Hratch Tchilingirian gives a briefing about Darfur, with historical and analytical angles.

Spiritual Bubbles with Ani Burr: St. Nersess Shnorhali’s “I Confess with Faith” continues (verse 13-16)

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