Principal Principles

Next Step #568: Sri Lanka Easter massacre and the concept of a “holy and mighty” God. Reflections on a principal with principles: Gabriel Injejikian (1930-2019). Einstein’s theory of insanity explained in scientific terms. April 24 explained in terms of physics, Easter explained by experience. A special post-Easter; post Genocide-commemoration edition of the Next Step. Leveraging Love 10 years later, still hopeful. Christ has risen from the dead!
Living in an Orthodox World
Leveraging Love (Vimeo)
Leveraging Love (YouTube)
Gabriel Injejikian obituary
LA Supervisors – Genocide Recognition
Erdogan’s Thugs video
Erdogan’s Thugs to justice?
Stand Against Racism
Cover: Easter 2019 with Utah flowers by Fr. Vazken
Technical Director: Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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