Religion in the Warplace

Next Step #324 – August 21, 2014

An Armodox approach to war, violence and religion with the overwhelming news of ISIS, war and genocide, destruction, killings… turning-off scenes of obscene violence of war and destruction is a luxury that many are exercising. Time to take a serious look at what you believe about religion and God in the face of such obscenity. When God is created in man’s image the violence erupts… case in point, look at the Old Testament. Saudi Arabian cleric proclaims the #1 enemy of Islam…. you’ll be surprised who’s been putting up the wall and what we can learn. Fr. Vazken takes the ALS Ice Water Challenge – and a lady named Rose.
Song: Gor Mkhitarian’s “Too Achk” from the Spirit Album:
New Gor project/music
ALS Challenge
President Obama on Isis – 8/7/14
President Obama on execution of journalist
Karabagh open to Yezidi refugees
In His Shoes –
Saudi Shiek’s proclamation re: Islam’s #1 Enemy
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