Revisiting Kindred Spirits

Next Step #554: Just in time or perhaps as a matter of reflecting in time, a revisit to Next Step #31 – Kindred Spirits: John the Baptist and Martin Lurther King Jr., two giants – one a Biblical figure, the other contemporary, yet they serve the same God and the same Lord. What is the legacy left by these ushers of the Way? Fr. Vazken brings together the work and mission that has driven these people to point the way to Christ. They stood up courageously against the power structure, urging peace, justice, and love, even unto death, and thus became martyrs for their unwavering preaching of the Kingdom of God. Also, a look at the life and ministry of Fr. Mesrob Sarafian, an archpriest of the Armenian Church. Also: Ani’s Spiritual Bubbles on “Dreams”.
Gor Mkhitarian “Yeraz”
Original Next Step #31
Cover: Reflections on Planes by Fr. Vazken, 2018
Engineered by Ken Nalik
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for
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