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Thanksgiving Expressed

In the United States we have a beautiful tradition holiday called Thanksgiving. It recollects the gratitude of the first pilgrims in America. In the Church, the tradition of Thanksgiving is as old as Christianity itself. Here is a special Thanksgiving presentation of AC101, an episode where the Thanksgiving service of the Armenian Church – the Eucharist or Badarak – is shown to parallel the traditional holiday outing and dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to all….

Dimensional Fighting

Next Step with Fr. Vazken #702: Fighting, violence and killings in Armenia: The case of the bad neighborhood. Are there spiritual solutions to political and physical problems? The Holy Eucharist comes into focus as US Catholic Bishop issue a statement.
Azerbaijan attacks Armenia
US Catholic Bishops Vote
John Carr’s analysis
Yerevan to Paris: Jazz-Iz-Christ
Cover: Office of RA Ombudsman, 11/16/21, Armenian Weekly
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Elevator out of Hell: Staying Anonymous

Next Step #486: Fr. Vazken develops the “elevator pitch” of the Armenian Church via Armodoxy, No condemnation here: Defining Hell. The Anonymity of the Eucharist. Reflections on the 35th anniversary of a ministry. Adult humor after high school.
Luys Vocal Quintet
35 Anniversary Photos
Anonymity of the Eucharist
Ordination of Fr. Vazken (1982)
Slide Show
Bible Study “Fruits of the Spirit
Photo credit: “Elevator Out of Hell” by Fr. Vazken at Northridge Hospital
Engineered by Ken Nalik
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