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Changing the Program

Next Step #745: Armenia is under attack. Einstein’s theory of insanity is tested again as the same program is followed: GIGO once again. Archimedes – his lever and fulcrum – here is the plank to use. Gandhi and MLK tapped into the Power which Armodoxy has had all along. Mutual annihilation: It’s a check and not checkmate. Listen in for a renewal of the “Leveraging Love” plan. Reconciling Khrimian’s admonition to “bring guns” and Gandhi’s demand for non-violence.
Leveraging Love
In His Shoes Promo (Famine)
Khrimyan Hayrik’s “Paper Ladle” 
Divesting from the Sudan – Burbank Leader
Ian Anderson – “Two Short Planks” www.jethrotull.com
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Practices and Distractions

Next Step #607: Rev. Martin Luther King and the message of non violence: Connecting to St. Vartan (451) and the Velvet Revolution (2018). Meeting with Rev. James Lewis – “The Non-Violence or Black Church Movement.” Distractions from the comics to the comix, from the Grammy to the Super Bowl. A validation of Armodoxy and the Armodoxy playbook from the most obvious places.
Shirley Ceasar, “God will take care of you
Rev. Dr. James Lawson
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. “Last Christmas Sermon
King’s Sermon Audio
Fr. Vazken’s 1998 MLK Sermon
Gus and the Train
Nicene Creed
Cover: “Distraction” 2008 V. Movsesian, Brazil
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Mess without Poetry

Next Step #424: A look at the messiness of political situations and unrest in the world; answers on the spiritual plane in the absence of Church. Too little, too late… and not even a prayer? Themes of non-violence, seeking justice, pursuit of happiness and the changes from the 60’s to today.  More on the bait and switch as found in Pokemon (#423). Coup in Turkey, Unrest in Armenia and the Trump wild-card, all in this edition.
Song: My City by Gor Mkhitarian off of the Passport album
Joseph & Mary’s Son
Armenia Live Feed
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Dignity
Declaration of Independence
NS #423 – Church business plan for Pokemon Go
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