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Armodoxy for Today: The Solstice

A few years back, I found myself in a village in Rwanda working with genocide survivors. We conducted some informal interviews, became familiar with their daily activities and then, as the sun went down, people wound down, and pretty soon, 7:00PM, in the dark of the night, people were in their homes preparing for their evening rest. There was no sound throughout the village. I thought it odd that people would be preparing to sleep at this early hour. And then it occurred to me, that without electricity, without the artificial lighting that the electricity provides, for all intents and purposes the day was over with the sun set.

Today we celebrate the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. From the Summer Solstice to this day, the days have gotten shorter and shorter, and now, moving forward, there will be more hours of daylight per day to live and enjoy. In a world without electricity, you might imagine how welcomed the longer days ahead would be, so welcomed, that this day would be celebrated as the “birth of the sun.” Indeed, the sun stays out longer giving more possibilities for work, play, socializing, that is, possibilities for life!

To facilitate the spread of Christianity, the date of the Birth of Christ was moved to December 25 in the Roman Empire during the fourth century. Celebrating the birth of the Sun was replaced with the Christmas festivities, in honor of the birth of the Son! Meanwhile in Armenia, during the fourth century, the Winter Solstice was not celebrated to the extent it was in the Roman Empire. The date of Christmas was not changed and January 6 remains as the celebration date for Theophany. There are more factors for the different Christmas dates, but for today, suffice it to say, that Armenia was not touched by the date change. Until today, the Armenian Church celebrates the Nativity and Baptism of Christ on the same date, January 6.

The Solstice points to the cosmic time clock that has seasons and times changing over the globe. It’s a reminder that some of the great treasures of our Faith are found in the simplest phenomena of nature. Whether the birth of the sun or the birth of the son, there is a common thread that runs through both, namely, light. They are both gifts of light to the world.

How we process this revelation in the Christmas message, is how Armodoxy fits in to our cosmology. Join me tomorrow as we continue in the Advent Journey.

Solstice Voice at Christmas

Next Step #550: When the Sun spoke of the Son and the Solstice celebration. More on technology – with a retro look at mimeograph machines and the Church at the forefront of innovation guided by the need to evangelize. Continuing on paying your way to the Kingdom. Scottish/Armenian connection with 7 joys and 7 wounds. And on a personal note: Easter Resurrection at the time of the Nativity. In His Shoes Christmas Outreach.
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Seven Wounds of St. Mary Church (Gyumri)
Ring Out Solstice Bells, Jethro Tull
Cover: Solstice Bell at Christmas, Fr. Vazken
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Hope: Solstice plus 1

Next Step #498: Exploring the Winter Solstice and it’s opportunity to hope in an end to darkness and warmer days. The first message of Christmas comes alive with hope for today. A new day for a special understanding to our connection to all of eternity. Merry Christmas to all.
John Bilezikjian “Merry Christmas”
Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow by Ian Anderson
MLK Retreat: www.InHisShoes.org/MLK
Cover: Solstice Star & the Gyroscope by Fr. Vazken 2017
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A Rock Standing Rock: Merry Christmas

Next Step #446: Fr. Vazken’s 2016 Christmas Message. Finding the underlying spirit in Christmas and in life. An army of robots doing good work doesn’t get the work done. The “God force” that pushes us to do. Standing Rock: the story of an Armenian who stands at the Standing Rock. Connecting to the Divine and the Eternal. Fr. Vazken’s 2016 Christmas message, “Even if all the stories of shepherds and wise men were fabricated…”  The moment of singularity: the God force that is born in each of us to bring Peace and Harmony. The Winter Solstice is today! Ring out those bells! The Birth of the Sun.
Solstice Bells & Pass the Bottle
Armenian at Standing Rock
New Yorker/Standing Rock
Standing Rock: http://standwithstandingrock.net/
John 1
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Solstice Bells to Christmas Cheers

Next Step #185 – December 22, 2011

Kick off the Winter Solstice with some Christmas Cheer. Unafraid and unashamed to claim the Solstice, Fr. Vazken finds the Christ Child in the Manger radiating the Love and Light that overcomes darkness. This podcast is a celebration with music, love and a message unlike any other, as Armodoxy is revealed. A very Merry Christmas to all! A Christmas/Solstice Celebration! Secrets revealed: Bob Dylan’s reindeer and how Suzie got Ken to change his habits!
Ani’s Christmas Bubble
Musical Links:
Jethro Tull’s Christmas Album
Bob Dylan’s “Christmas In the Heart
Melanie’s “Yes Santa, there is a Melanie
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Solstice Celebration: Light, Love and Life

Next Step #80 – December 17, 2009

Winter Solstice Edition – Celebrating Love, Light and Life – The Birth of the Son and the Birth of the Sun are looked at through the lens of Armenian Orthodoxy. Children’s memorial: never letting these precious lives be forgotten, in real and concrete expressions. Shall we stop dreaming and imagining PEACE, now that Obama has given an excuse for violence? A look at Christmas shopping: WWJWFHB? And how an 8 year old changed his Christmas from getting to giving (to the homeless). This is a podcast in a series of Advent messages with a very fresh and unique flavor.
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Ani’s Bubble – A Child Explains God
Song: Gor Mkhitarian’s “About Light”
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