The Big Dot

Next Step #677: The dots get connected between the Christ’s Cross and the “Lynching Trees.” James Cone and Black Liberation Theology, works that resonate with and for us. Understanding as afforded us by walking in the shoes of others. Thoughts from the MLK walk for peace in Glendale and how Armenians have lost the map to two-way streets. Humanity found: No superiority rhetoric.
The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone
More than a Greeting” by Fr. Vazken
George Floyd: After Asphyxiation by Fr. Vazken
WD168 This Week
MLK Walk pictures
Strange Fruit
Greetings of Hope to Darfur
Governor Newsom on the shooting in San Jose
New Era for Glendale Armenians
Bob Dylan at 80
Cover: “Guitar scarf”
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