Tweeting from an Ordination (for the record)

On October 12 & 13, the Western Diocese held its annual clergy conference in Rancho Mirage, California. At the conclusion of two days of meeting, Abp. Hovnan Derderian, Primate, accepted Deacon Martin into the priesthood and renamed him Father Krikor.

Below is a log of the tweets I sent from both the meetings and the ordination. Originally published on my Twitter account, I post them here merely as a matter of record. No more commentary than what you find in these small essays. These are in reverse chronological order. The time references are tagged with a clock at 10/14/09, at 11:30A.M. PDT

· We all are invited to receive kiss of peace from newly consecrated Fr. Krikor.about 18 hours ago

· Abp Hovnan gives blessing and now preachers from Prophet Ezekiel – to hear command of God.about 18 hours ago

· Fr. KRIKOR gives first blessing.about 18 hours ago

· Abp. Hovnan consecrates forehead of Fr. Krikor- newly named.about 18 hours ago

· Holy Miuron entering sanctuary.about 18 hours ago

· Fr. Arshag amazing voice.about 18 hours ago

· Hymn of vesting. Mystery deep, without beginning.about 18 hours ago

· Archbishop Hovnan now prays for 7 graces on Martin. Places vestments on him.about 18 hours ago

· United we recite the Creed.about 19 hours ago

· Luke 4:14 is read. This again is the mission- more tomorrow on Next Step podcast.about 19 hours ago

· Archbishop on behalf of the church calls Martin. Now in apostolic manner lays his hands on him.about 19 hours ago

· Turning away from worldly pursuits. We witness he is worthy.about 19 hours ago

· At St. Margarite Episcopal- Palm Desert.about 19 hours ago

· Martin approaches altar to receive order of priesthood.about 19 hours ago

· Discovered a Broadsword bootleg which added the flavor to this trip.about 20 hours ago

· Because none of us admit to belonging to this group.about 23 hours ago

· Little bit of knowledge is very dangerous thing. Frightening too.about 23 hours ago

· Chicken Little – The sky is falling.about 23 hours ago

· Eoff… (OK to try to pronounce it out loud. You’ll know where i’m at.)about 23 hours ago from txt

· imagine Fr. McKenzie here. Wiping his hands… Anyone saved?about 24 hours ago

· MTday2- prayer is cool. Talk really is cheap.about 24 hours ago

· Satl’jan time.7:17 PM Oct 12th

· Ordination continues tomorrow.7:10 PM Oct 12th

· Remembers words of Karekin i, keeping image of God.7:05 PM Oct 12th

· Abp Hovnan reflecting on priesthood. Accenting mystery.7:03 PM Oct 12th

· Martin confesses the faith of the fathers.6:51 PM Oct 12th

· Martin renounces heretics.6:39 PM Oct 12th from txt

· Archbishop asking of his worthiness.6:38 PM Oct 12th

· Tiny clouds to the horizon. Gentle breeze.6:35 PM Oct 12th

· Open chr service in desert.6:33 PM Oct 12th

· Deacon Martin being called to the service of the Church.6:33 PM Oct 12th

· @suziesunshine – that’s why i’m choosing to put these notes under the MT label. Btw. still going.5:26 PM Oct 12th

· Lively (no pun) discussion on creamation and suicide.5:17 PM Oct 12th

· The mind twist is this- make the square peg fit. There is no solution. It doesn’t fit.3:53 PM Oct 12th

· Curvature of the spine- physically a sign of age? Otherwise defeat.3:14 PM Oct 12th

· @ahnoosh see early tweet re Mind Twister.3:02 PM Oct 12th

· Agree to call this the MT meeting? It’s part of the 30% trade off to do the 70% work.2:58 PM Oct 12th

· @ahnoosh i was chopping down a palm tree when a friend came by and asked if …he could help me swing the ax12:38 PM Oct 12th

· Starting a two day mind twist in the desert. Stand still on the 210 at Rialto.12:22 PM Oct 12th

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