Unraveling and Weaving God & Chaos

Next Step #254 – April 18, 2013

Finding God in the chaos. Fr. Vazken unravels the events of the week, which included the worst of the worst – domestic violence, terrorism and Genocide – and even finds God as the antithesis of chaos.  Don’t be afraid to point him out, he says. Datev Outreach, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the screening of Bared Maronian’s “Orphans of the Genocide” are woven together in this interesting journey from chaos to order. It is a mystery and it is deep.
Anush’s Inside the Pomegrante – Finding the Helper
Song – Isabel Bayrakdarian “Khorhoort Khorin”
Slipstream http://jethrotull.com
Datev Outreach http://datevoutreach.org
Boston Marathon: Where Was God During the Boston Marathon?
Orphans of the Genocide (7 minute trailer); Order the full-length DVD
St. Peter Youth Ministry – 10th Anniversary
St. Peter Booklet form
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