Celebrating Life and Love


Next Step #35 – February 11, 2009

“If the world be all yours, what will you take with you? Love God, love people, and love your beloved.” — Sayat Nova

From Groundhogs Day to Candlemas and Dyarntarach; from St. Valentine to Sayat Nova, this podcast is a celebration of new beginnings and a celebration of life and love. Our Lord, Jesus Christ is Love incarnate and in Him is the manifestation of all intensities of Love. Fr. Vazken challenges the listener to look at the all encompassing nature of love, and shows us how religion and culture come together to help us understand the realities of the world.

Global Perspective with Hratch Tchilingirian looks at politics and the power of religion in society. Religion is not only a matter of personal faith but could also be a potent force of political mobilization and even revolution.

Special musical treat is a performance by Nune Yesayan singing Sayat Nova’s Kamancha.

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