Prelude to Lent


Next Step #36 – February 18, 2009

As we approach the Lenten journey, this podcast turns our attention towards Lent. Questions abound. What is it? How do we prepare for it? Why is the curtain around the altar drawn? Why can’t we receive communion? And so on… Fr. Vazken answers all of these questions and gives us an explanation of the services that take place during this period. He also touches on the Feast of Ghevontianz and Vartan Mamigonian, but just enough to get our minds thinking… So much more on this next week!

In light of Darwin’s 200th birthday anniversary celebration, the Global Perspective segment with Hratch Tchilingirian discusses several points that put both evolution and creation into focus.

Musical selection is “Ghapama” by Zulal, from the Armenian A Cappella Trio’s self-titled album.

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