Kid Play

Roots of Armodoxy: Kid Play

Armenia is surrounded by hostile neighbors. One wonders, what is life like under the imminent danger of attack and war? We know that that imminent threat of extinction is reality in many parts of the world.

In Armenia, you’ll find a very healthy family life, with young kids playing carefree on the streets to a late hour. The streets are literally filled with life. This is not a cliché but a reality that can be witness any night of the week.

We sat in the courtyard of St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Cathedral in Yerevan. From one side a young man was flying a drone. From the other side, young people with arms locked, were laughing about some inside joke. A group of tourists joined the fun by picking up ice cream cones from the local vendor, licking away at vanilla and chocolate swirls. In a skatepark, skaters and razor-riders dared each other with a beautiful display of riding that almost looked choregraphed.

Skating away on the thin ice of a new day…

Parents at a distant, confident that their children are fine and safe enjoy one another’s company.

For us, from the United States, we can’t even imagine a similar scenario in the US today. Oh, yes, there was a time when carefree went hand-in-hand with youth, but those days are firm in our memories and sometimes jarred from scenes in movies. Today fear from within has paralyzed society from enjoying these simple moments, begging the question, what is the difference here or there? Do we not also face imminent danger? Random shooters, child theft are the counterparts to attack and war.

The prayer of St. Nersess Shnorhali, from the 15th hour comes to us, “Christ, guardian of all, my your right hand protect and shelter me by day and by night, while at home and while away, while asleep and while away, so I may never fall. Amen.


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