Escape to the Desert, but not from Life

Next Step #91 – March 4, 2o1o

On Location at the Nevada/Arizona boarder – this message comes from the desert where God has painted the rocks with His artistic style. Drugs, alcohol, the desert and even religion (ala Marx) is escapism, but Jesus approaches the topic via an unusual parable, that of the “Dishonest Steward.” Views of the Grand Canyon and our digital lifestyle gives way to thoughts about immortality – not to be excluded by Sirac (have you heard of this book?). The Chilean earthquake knocks Earth (not Robertson) off of its axis. A visit to the St. Jude Ranch for Children and the groundwork for Fr. Vazken’s vision/dream for unwed mothers and children of domestic violence. Isn’t half of 40 = 20? An explanation for “Michink” – why Wednesday and not Saturday? Pray for us, St. Thaddeus.
Music: “Breeze” by Sonya Varoujian;
Bubbles by Ani “Lunch with God;
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for

updated 040521 mm

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