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Next Step #665: Overshadowed by the Prodigal Son, here’s what to look for as the clouds clear. Reclaim prep: Youth as alternatives to future revelations of the self. “Acts of God” and acts of humans: choice and no choice in the decision process.
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Lenten Journey
Luke chapter 15 (with the Prodigal Son Parable)
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Prodigal Son, Rolling Stones
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Refocus, Return, Reclaim


Next Step #457: The Weekend of the Prodigal Son brings a story of redemption, a story of recovery and of course, reclaim. On the eve of an unprecedented Christian Conference, RECLAIM, Fr. Vazken explores the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) in its many dimensions. The journey of the Prodigal Son back home comes alive in this special edition.
Home by Haig Yazadjian
Prodigal Son Parable
New English Bible
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From Pawn to King in a Week

Next Step #301 – March 13, 2014

Exploring the definitions of God explored and then delivered via an unusual character, namely the squirrelly and squandering boy known as the Prodigal. This episode ties in with the healing process of within and without. It opens new ideas for Armodoxy, along with some cosmic math – tying up the mystery of the numbers and the episode.
Song: Der Voghormia – chant of forgiveness
Lenten Journey – Healing
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Prodigal Son
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Heart Prints

Next Step #90 – February 25, 2010

Has anyone ever tried Christianity? Karl Marx’s challenge is applied to Christianity. Can the Prodigal answer that challenge? Answers to the questions concerning the Vazkenian Seminary – Find out where and who these people are. Fr. Vazken opens a candid view of the priest during the Lenten season – what are some of his challenges? And a surprise message from the 1200th Century – in St. Nersess Shnorahali’s Ninth Hour of the Havadov Khosdovanim. Finally – the evolution toward the “Next” step. An invitation to join in the Famine Kickoff (epostle.net/broadcast.html)
Music: Datevig “Antzrev Yegav”
Ani’s Bubbles: “Heart Prints”
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