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Changing the Program

Next Step #745: Armenia is under attack. Einstein’s theory of insanity is tested again as the same program is followed: GIGO once again. Archimedes – his lever and fulcrum – here is the plank to use. Gandhi and MLK tapped into the Power which Armodoxy has had all along. Mutual annihilation: It’s a check and not checkmate. Listen in for a renewal of the “Leveraging Love” plan. Reconciling Khrimian’s admonition to “bring guns” and Gandhi’s demand for non-violence.
Leveraging Love
In His Shoes Promo (Famine)
Khrimyan Hayrik’s “Paper Ladle” 
Divesting from the Sudan – Burbank Leader
Ian Anderson – “Two Short Planks” www.jethrotull.com
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When Truth Isn’t Silly

Next Step #629: Truth is being challenged, history is up for debate and the silliness is in the eye of the beholder. From Korea, to BLM, to credible news, to the schism in the Church (Armenian and Universal). Fr. Vazken moves the discussion from silliness to empathy: Accepting forced negative realities. MLK’s Letter from Birmingham now available in Armenian. And more…
“My Favorite Things” Datevik
Korean War at 70
Letter from Birmingham Jail English
Letter from Birmingham Jail Armenian (Gegham Mughnetsyan)
WD168 this week
Junipero Serra statue toppled
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Never Enough Wheat

Next Step #513: Fifty years after Martin Luther King’s assassination, “hokehankist” comes alive as a fallen grain of wheat produces so much more (John 12:24) but never enough. African saying and Bedros Turian, Return from Easter in Utah – Resurrection in a land of religious sensitivity. Mormon Temple and Krishna Temple: A cross-over in vegetarianism. Icons and what they represent: Love for Tull and Beethoven.
“I told Jesus” Roberta Flack
King’s Last March (American Public Media)
Memphis Remembers MLK
“Mountaintop” Speech
MLK & John the Baptist: Two Kindred Spirits (Next Step #31)
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Forty Years Here or There

Next Step #490: The Spirit in freedom: Fr. Vazken reflects 40 years after a first impression and a first life. Marxism in action/Freedom with human nature: some observations. Institutions and rebellion: Coming out of the 60’s and 70’s. Karekin Nzhdeh inspiring MLK and sounding the Nathan Hale mantra? Martin Luther and Protestantism at 500.
Sayat Nova “Amen Sazi
500 Years after Martin Luther (Daily Beast)
500 Years after the Reformation (Christianity Today)
Karekin Nzhdeh Biographical Sketch
Starkey Hearing Foundation
Cover Picture: Karekin Nzhdeh statue in Yerevan 2017
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The Orthodoxy of Dr. King’s Message

Next Step #84 – January 14, 2010

You don’t need CES or 3D to be enveloped in Christianity, just dare to bring Christ off of the altar and you might dare to call Martin Luther King, orthodox! On the eve of the MLK Retreat, Fr. Vazken looks at the teachings of non-violence by Gandhi, Dr. King and Cesar Chavez and the One who inspired them all. Finding spirituality in the messages of hope. A letter from Paul to the Americans? It’s just a prophet speaking to the times and against hypocrisy – as did St. John the Forerunner. And did someone call Robertson a Christian? The Haitian Earthquake and the In His Shoes response: www.inhisshoes.org
Music: We Shall Overcome, 1963
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A New Era of Hope


Next Step #32 – January 22, 2009

A fitting end to the Martin Luther King tribute, this podcast commemorates one of Dr. King’s children who was “judged by the content of his character.” Barack Obama becomes the 44th president of the United States; hope is defined as believing in a dream come true. Fr. Vazken discusses the prayers at inauguration and isn’t it a “no duh” that Jesus’ name would come up? Rev. J. Lowery’s poetic benediction is highlighted here. PREMIER installment of Global Perspective with Hratch Tchilingirian looks at Gaza and innocence lost.


Spiritual Bubbles topic: Obama’s Address on Hope

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Two Kindred Spirits Separated By Millennia


Next Step #31 – January 14, 2009

John the Baptist and Martin Lurther King Jr. are two giants – one a Biblical figure, the other contemporary, yet they serve the same God and the same Lord. What is the legacy left by these ushers of the Way? Fr. Vazken brings together the work and mission that has driven these people to point the way to Christ. They stood up courageously against the power structure, urging peace, justice, and love, even unto death, and thus became martyrs for their unwavering preaching of the Kingdom of God.

Also, a look at the life and ministry of Fr. Mesrob Sarafian, an archpriest of the Armenian Church who went to his eternal rest this week. Notes from Oakland California, including an emotive reading from his funeral rite.

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